It has been some time since I have put out a blog post – so its high time I begin anew.

Yes – they are here – the first of December is upon us as is the Holiday Season. We have given our  thanks and now we can enjoy the best – or the worst the season has to offer. Not this year….

Staying heathy, maintaining your composure and surviving all of the stresses that get placed upon us, or we place upon our selves is the goal this year.

Here are my recommendations on this matter:

  1. Go ahead – and don’t beat yourself up please when you do so – It’s OK to enjoy all the delicious food and drink the season may throw your way – however just do so in moderation. Please look up the word moderation if you are unclear of the definition.
  2. Don’t forget to keep up our regular workout as much as possible. Holiday time stealers will undoubtedly cut into your regular workout times. Keep this in mind – Exercise is cumulative. You do not have to workout for an extended period in order to reap the benefits. So 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at lunch and another 20 minutes in the evening still count as 1 hour of exercise. And even if you can’t get that amount of time in – any amount is better than none!
  3. Do something good for your soul! Spend some quality time with a family member, do some volunteer work, spend some time with children and see the wonder of the season through their eyes, perform a random act of kindness, spend some quality time with yourself…. I think you get the idea.

Get a handle on this year NOW – you deserve it. After all the Holidays seem to come earlier and earlier every year – so why not use the ‘Holiday Feeling’ to your advantage and get the most out of the season.  After all – YOU deserve it!