I must confess – I have been keeping something from all of you. After hearing all of the chatter about gluten and dairy and the benefits of deleting those items from your diet I decided to give it a go. About 12 months ago I went gluten and dairy free as a personal experiment to see what all of the fuss was about.

Of course I had read the articles – both pro and con and listened to friends testimonials about the positive benefits of deleting these two items from their diet. I felt that my best course of action was to do this myself and see if I actually noticed anything. I will admit that I was skeptical. I thought,  really – deleting bread and dairy would make that big of a difference. No – impossible!

Well to my surprise I was wrong. Not only did I start to feel better in less than 10 days, or as it is sometimes called ‘coming out of the gluten fog’. I really truly did feel better! Clear, more energetic and believe it or not that clearness actually allowed me to see things in a different light. Then of course there was the fact that I dropped 3 pounds easily and actually looked like I lost more weight. Weight loss was not the intention of my stab at a gluten and dairy free lifestyle, but it was certainly a welcome side effect.

So – needless to say I was sold. I have always been recommending to everyone that one of the most important things you could do to lose weight is to eat less and of course eat healthy – read no processed foods, etc.

Over the course of the next 10 months I slowly started eating more dairy again – cheese in particular. Compared to the average American I was still eating far less dairy. The good news for me is that I never really liked milk – even as a young child. Sure I liked cheese and of course ice cream, whipped cream etc….but truly only in small amounts.

In the last two months a group of my friends here in CO got together and decided to try on another ‘diet’ called the First – allow me to say that I am NOT offering advice or a recommendation here on nutrition, but rather sharing my personal experience in MY process. In short – the Clean Program requires you to not only delete gluten and dairy but also coffee, soda, alcohol, beef pork, the night shade vegetables, bananas, strawberries, oranges, grapes, corn, soy and processed sugar. (For more information on this diet go to

I will admit that the coffee, sugar and alcohol deletion were challenging – but after the first 4 – 5 days that deletion became a breeze. The long and the short of my experience –  I felt much better, had more energy, felt clearer and dropped another 3 pounds. However – the interesting thing that happened is now I don’t crave those deleted ‘things’ anymore like I had previously, ESP the sugar. Yes – I am drinking coffee now – but with stevia as a sweetener, and yes I have the occasional alcoholic libation. However – my internal desire to eat/drink all of those deleted items has subsequently subsided.

Will this work for you?  – I’m not sure. I am here only to share my experience and to state that I am not going back to my ‘old school’ eating habits. Something inside of me has ‘reset’ and I feel that much better because it has happened. Yes – of course I still will allow myself to have indulgences, but they are just that INDULGENCES. So – I strongly recommend that you try this for yourself (of course make sure you share what you are doing with your health care provider), and see if you too notice a change – for the better. Keep in mind though that ‘old habits are hard to break’ – so be kind to yourself in the process.

Here’s a link for some more information on exactly what’s going on with ‘gluten’ these days – and yes as usual it has something to do with the processing….