Out with the OLD – In with the NEW. It is a NEW YEAR – so of course it’s time to try something NEW! Or is it?

Here we are almost one month into the New Year. Hopefully you are on track with whatever resolution, change or improvement you have decided to make with your life. if you are not – that’s OK too. Every day is a New Day and a perfect reason for a New Beginning or a Positive Life Changing Step.

After all of my years in the Fitness and Wellness profession the one thing that you can’t get away from are the Trends or as I refer to them  What’s  HOT. Trends have been around for years –  and when I mean years I’m talking about more than 100…. For the 2nd year in a row the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has listed the Top 20 Exercises Trends without including Pilates in that Trend. According to these esteemed researchers (Ahem) since Pilates is no longer in the Top 20 trends then according to them it truly must be a ‘FAD’.

Seriously – Pilates a Fad? The Pilates method has been in continuous use here in the US since (depending on which story you believe) approximately 1929 ish. I personally don’t know of any Fads that have been in existence for 85 years – do you? However – I do digress…

Everything is measured by its popularity – even health, fitness and wellness. Health, Fitness and Wellness is NOT a Trend, Fad or Flash in the Pan – it is a commitment  to a lifestyle  that embodies  health, fitness and wellness. This type of commitment knows no ‘hip’ or ‘trendy’ names and is not governed by the popular press – or God forbid some Reality Show.  This commitment involves the embodiment of a healthy life style and for each person that commitment is different. Sometimes it’s easy to dive into this lifestyle head first and sometimes it’s better achieved just one step at a time. Whatever route you take as long as your final destination is a healthier you then when you started out on the path – you have accomplished your goal.

Therefore if one path doesn’t get you there,  try another. As I mentioned before –  the best fitness program is the one that you stick with and actually thrive. Since there have been Fitness trends around for more than 100 years let’s suffice it to say, I’m sure that One of them is the correct choice for you. One old trend that I really like is ‘Old School” fitness utilizing body weight training and movements. This type of training is especially valuable for everyone and in my opinion one of the Top choices for the 40+ demographic. Pilates falls into this category – but wait a minute Pilates is just a fad according to ACSM isn’t it? Some of the others that fall into this ‘old’ school category actually date back to the 1880’s. Calisthenics, Indian Clubs, Gymnastics, Rope climbing, Fencing – just to name a few. For fun – here’s a link to a book that dates back to the 1880’s and features many of these modalities.  It was a simpler time – mastering those exercises may have not have been that simple but the effects were profound.

The good news here is that whatever exercises you decide to do, maybe you should take a look back in time before you decide to move ahead. If you have a any questions don’t hesitate to contact me –