I’m sure many of you have heard or read this before. What’s the best type of Exercise or Fitness Program?  – The one you stick with…! AND you can start on that Program any time – not just on new years.

There were 5 relatively simple things you could do to address your health in the last blog. Here are some tips to assist in getting your Exercise/Fitness program off the ground.

1) Assess honestly where you are now and where you would like to be in say 6 months. Remember to keep your expectations realistic and achievable. Establish some basic primary goals – say one thing you can do from a health standpoint – (cut out soda) – and one thing from a fitness standpoint – (increase my weekly cardiovascular activity by 50%).

2) Keep in mind that daily activity is cumulative. Therefore if you have a free 15 minutes – why not take a quick walk, do some stretching or floor work exercises. Keeping yourself active and moving throughout the day is key to increasing your health!

3) Many a New Year/New Exercise Program resolution has been halted by injury. Don’t get  too aggressive at getting fit quickly when you are just getting started. You may become injured, feel a lot of soreness, or think of exercise as an unpleasant experience – all of which could quickly put to an end all you best intentions!

Start out Slowly and then gradually progress. Remember you didn’t become deconditioned overnight and you will not become super-fit over night either.
4) When in doubt consult with an expert. If you are just getting started a well-educated, qualified and experienced personal trainer is your best go to professional  to set you up on the road to success. One on One training can be expensive so there are actually now other options that are more cost-effective. Splitting the cost of the trainer with a friend, Small group training (3 – 6) participants, specialized group exercise classes or even online training options are plentiful.
5) Combine your cardiovascular activity with some body weight training activities to get a well-rounded, efficient and effective workout.
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