How many time have we all either read or heard that tag line? The beginning of a New Year presents many things to us: new beginnings, an end to the old, a chance for a new outlook or beginning, a new commitment to getting healthy and fit…..

It seems to me that the saying ‘A New Year ahealth-tips-for-new-year New You and the thought process behind it sets up defeat for the majority of those wishing to move themselves into a new place of health, wellness and vitality. That’s why I have waited to post anything about the New Year and getting fit or healthy until now. Starting a new trek to health, fitness or positive life changes can happen at any time, and in my opinion trying to make those things happen at a particular time of year may not necessarily be the best way to handle your health in the long run.

Any time of year is a good time to change your lifestyle and begin to incorporate a new perspective. What’s important is to keep things in context. For example – you didn’t gain those extra twenty pounds overnight – and you are not going to lose those extra twenty pounds overnight either. A deliberate and perhaps even slow pace to a New Improved You is actually the quickest way to get there. So if you are just getting started – here are a few tips to begin the journey. 1) Cut salt for heart health. 2) Stay sharp – a healthy diet can help cut the risk if dementia. Healthy unsaturated fats and very few saturated fats are an easy way to start. 3) Keep your bones strong – A recent study in The Journal of Cellular Physiology found a connection between probiotic supplements and increased bone density in male mice. I know you are not a male mouse but researchers believe that there is something to this – and men loses bone mass after 50 much like women do. 4) Drink water for prostate health, unfortunately most men prefer soda over water and that’s not good for your prostate. Soda could increase your risk for prostate cancer, increase weight gain and even lead to diabetes. 5) And finally for your sexual health and general health for that matter – go natural. Avoid red meats and for better performance get more protein from plants and powerhouses such as black and red kidney beans, and cut back on red meat, refined sugars and trans fat. Red meat can clog your arteries which can cause erectile dysfunction and lead to increased levels of HDL.

Next up we’ll talk about some simple ways to increase your fitness levels – Remember a slow steady pace will always win out in the long run!