Gentleman and Ladies. Tis the season to take care of yourself and SURVIVE. During the holiday Season while we are all busily running around attending parties or fighting Holiday traffic trying to find that perfect gift – don’t forget charity and gift giving begins at home. AND by home, I mean yourself. Be sure to take some time for yourself. Try to use a key thought throughout this entire time – MODERATION.  Office parties for example are just that ‘Office’. There’s a time and a place to let your wild side show and the office party is neither the time nor the place. At the ‘office’ party and all other parties – sampling all of the food that you don’t normally allow yourself to indulge in during the rest of the year in my opinion is perfectly acceptable. Notice however I use the word sample, not over – indulge. Did you know that according to the national Institute for Health over eating during the holidays can lead to an extra pound or two per year, that can really add up. 

Because the Holidays are such an emotional time of year they can bring up such a response in us that they can trigger us to eat more. “Research has shown that our emotions and our thoughts seem to actually play a bigger role than environmental cues — we eat in response to feelings — and for many people, the holidays can drum up a whole treasure chest of feelings, both good and bad,” according to heather Neimer Phd. This subject is actually quite involved and certainly deserves some more attention which I can shed some light on at a later date. Be aware too of the ‘food pushers’, those folks whether they be co-workers, family or friends who just won’t take NO when they offer you some of their holiday deliciousness. Remember,  it’s OK to say no – just be polite and firm. If that doesn’t work you can tell a little white lie – such as you have a food allergy, or….

Be sure to take some time to Exercise or Move. Even though your time will be compromised – this could be a good time to get an early start on your New Years Health resolution and try an Interval Training Class – or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Please be sure to do a quick bit of research before diving head first into one of these classes – make sure that the instructor(s) are highly knowledgeable and ‘SAFE’. The beauty of these type of classes is that they are short and they work – but again make sure the class is ‘SAFE’ and that the instructor has knowledge of working with a person in their Prime. More very soon on Surviving the Holidays!