Do you really need that ‘cotton pickin’ SWEETNESS?
I wanted to continue a bit more on about our diet, not just how much we eat, but let’s focus on what we eat. Specifically let’s talk about SUGAR.
Did you know that it is estimated that the average American eats 132 pounds of sugar a year. This has been determined by tallying up all of the different caloric sweeteners that are in our diet.The bottom line here is they are added caloric content to our diets, and what’s more sugars – Sucrose, Fructose, Glucose and High Fructose Corn Syrup all react about the same way in our body.
Another interesting thing to note is that our bodies are wired to like ‘sweet’ or ‘sugars’. Sweetness indicated ripeness to our ancestors and is one of the things that we crave as modern man – the more ‘sweet’ you eat, the more ‘sweet’ you crave. So the bottom line here is that we have this evolutionary desire for sugar and the food companies all know this and we get bombarded with ‘sweet things’ everywhere, tempting us to eat more.
So Prime Males and Females here are some suggestions to help lower your ‘sweetness’.

Eat fruit – basically fruit contains equal proportions of fructose and sucrose, but also adds other nutrients and fibers into your diet.

Dilute juices – with water or calorie free/sodium free sparkling water.

Delete sugary sodas altogether.

Delete the energy bars as a snack, chose instead whole foods and grains such as: nuts, vegetables, fiber rich fruits etc.

Happy eating!