The third month of the year brings the start of the Spring season and a new energy to your fitness and health plan. Why not now give a little thought to freshening up your grooming routine?
Skin care – yes Prime Males need to think about that too. From shaving, to cleansing and protecting your skin, it’s all an important part of looking and feeling good.
A great shave is easy if you choose the best blade for your skin:
Normal skin with a heavy beard calls for the new 5 blade razors.
Sensitive Skin or prone to razor burn can use the 3 blade razors.
Ingrown hair prone skin can try the retro favorite one blade safety razor.
*Be sure to thoroughly wet your face and beard with warm water first. You can wash with a gentle soap and rinse thoroughly by splashing with warm water at least 15 times.
*Next apply the shave cream of your choice – less is more. One of my favorites is Kiehls’s Close Shave Squadron Brushless Shave Cream or for something a bit more budget conscious Neutrogena’s Men’s Shave Cream.
*Start on one side of your face and be sure to stretch your skin upward as you shave.
*Rinse your blade in hot water often to keep in clean and drag free.
*To keep your sideburns even, look straight in the mirror and put the tips of your index fingers at the bottom of both sideburns and adjust to level to create a trimming guide.
*When you’re done wash your blade in hot water and splash a bit of alcohol or witch hazel on it to keep bacteria away.

For washing your face use a mild soap that will not strip your skin away. Next you can try an exfoliating face scrub, but limit this to only 2 – 3 times per week, Kiehls Facial FGuel Energizing Scrub works really well. Then lastly always finish with some form of a moisturizer. If you don’t feel the need to moisturize you should at the very least be using an SPF daily, especially if you are out side on a regular basis or live at a higher altitude or warmer climate. Give a try to Neutrogena Men’s Age Fighter Face Moisturizer.

For your hair first things is first – start with a good cut. If your hair is short, say less than 1/2″ you should get back for a trim about every 3 weeks, if your hair is longer you can easily go up to 6 weeks between haircuts. As everyone’s hair grows differently just be sure that you don’t end up looking unkempt, especially if you are working in a profession where looking neat and pulled together is key.

You should us use some form of a conditioner on your hair at least every 3 – 4 days. If you are looking for a slick and polished groomed look try a good pomade or wax, remember to only use a small amount though (no more than a dime) or you’ll look like my sicilian Uncle Tony. If you want a more casual, effortlessly tossed look try a molding clay, I really like using Paul Mitchell Mitch Reformer hair texturizer. Be sure to rub a nickel size amount first between your hands to warm it up before raking it through your hair so that you don’t end up with little clumps.

Here’s to good grooming!