The first part of The Prime Male’s holiday tips for maintaining your health, wellness, exercise and sanity during the holiday season.

Let’s start with some simple tips on how to enjoy holiday parties without overeating or over indulging.

1) Don’t drink your calories. Not only do holiday parties include indulgent foods, they will also include opportunities to share in the holiday cheer by toasting with your friends and co-workers. Set a limit for your liquid libations before you arrive at the party. Not only does alcohol add to your bottom line caloric intake, it also could prove detrimental to your health and well being when you get behind the wheel of a car – drink smart please!

2) Go for passed Hors d’Oeuvres – and not the buffet line. These food usually tend to be the tastiest and come with their own built in method of control. Meaning: put the buffet plate down and eat at a slower pace. Oh and by the way, while you’re at it – don’t hover around the buffet.

3) Use a small plate or a napkin, this will help you at limiting your portion size.

4) Save room for dessert – if you like sweets. Limit your portions of the appetizers or buffet then you can leave room for some sweet indulgences without actually over indulging.

5) Drink lots of water, not only during the party as this will help keep you full and hydrated, but also during the day of the party

6) Enjoy the company of friends and colleagues – take the time to actually allow yourself to enjoy the spirit of the season no matter what your religious persuasion is – or isn’t.