So Thanksgiving is over and we are now into the official Holiday Season. The much anticipated Black Friday hoopla has now come and gone for another year. I can’t help but observe that this year was more intense, frenzied and crazy than any other year I have ever seen. It is appalling to see reports in the news of violence and insanity that were entangled around this years ‘Retail Frenzy’.

I have to stop and ask myself – why? What is this all really about? Has the media and marketing machines that surround this mass hysteria of shopping really gotten the best of us – I hope not, I think not.

For me personally, I need to go back to ‘basics and ignore the insanity. Now more than ever it is the time to focus on myself and those things that are important to me. My health, my life and above all my happiness. I truly adore this time of year and all of the wonderful things that come with it. The wonder of the season no matter what your faith, the opportunity to connect not only with friends and relatives but also to myself. Sometimes I find that in the midst of all the craziness I can find a personal place that allows me to enjoy, laugh, smile and grow. This personal place has developed over the years and is A Prime Male’s true gift. Enjoy this season and I will as well. I’ll share some of my tips for maintaining the ultimate Prime Male health throughout this year and into the next!