Thanksgiving is almost upon us and these days we may have a difficult time finding things to be grateful for in our lives. Perhaps the best thing for us to do is to begin to change our world – one thought at a time. Time and time again it is being proven that positive thoughts can really not only impact our outlook, but also our health and wellness. Be thankful for taking a positive step towards impacting and creating the change you want in your life and your health. That positive step could be as simple as deciding to walk or increase your activity on a weekly basis – or as grand as setting a goal for yourself to undertake something you’ve never done such as a bi or triathlon. It all starts with just one step. I’ll talk more about this later this week.

In the meantime – enjoy Thanksgiving and the many and varied tastes and deliciousness of the holiday. Just do so with a bit of moderation, or throw an additional bit of physical activity in such as an after dinner walk, a bike ride, a hike or some skiing. Prime Males – now is the time to prepare for Prime Time.