The Prime Male has returned from the Pilates Method Alliance(PMA) Conference in Palm Desert, CA. and is now back to posting for other Prime Males. I came across an inspiring site for Prime Males – produced by Tommy and Alan Photography and entitled Men over 50 project – here’s the link: Take a look and get some inspiration gentlemen – we are simply getting better all the time and its never too late to realize that and grab your life by the horns and take control!

One of the things I miss when traveling is the difficulty to stick to a healthy diet which especially includes my morning routine of making a vitamin enriched protein and fruit shake for breakfast.
Here’s my simple recipe:
1/4 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)
6 oz. of Acai juice
2 oz of filtered water
1 banana
1 scoop Barleans Greens (a powdered organic green superfood)
a bit of ice
Blend well and drink right away.
I am not one who is fond of taking vitamins and I find that this shake provides me what great nutrients, protein and energy.

As a Prime Male when I work out I find that through the years I have had to re-adjust my workout to my Prime Male body – and one of my adjustments had become the way I warm up. I now take the time to do almost 15 minutes of full body warm ups that prepare me for a great workout – and for part of that warm up my choice is the Bodyblade – more on this later.