The Prime Male is attending the 11th Annual meeting of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) which is the not for profit professional Pilates association I co-founded a bit more than 11 years ago.

The Conference setting is the beautiful JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort in Palm Desert, CA. A great place for any Prime Male to have a getaway and attend a Conference. There’s a great Spa and large Gym to keep your Prime Male physiques in shape while away from your regular routine.

There’s nothing wrong with using the excuse of traveling to change up your fitness routine. Take advantage of a new environment to step out of your groove and take on some new workout challenges – such as swimming, walking, hiking, or indulgences (if you must call it that) such as a therapeutic massage. These are all components of a comprehensive Prime Male health and wellness lifestyle plan!
Stay tuned for more updates from Palm Desert.