Gentlemen – if you are just starting to work out at this ‘prime time’ in your life. Let me offer a little advice.
I’ll start with 2 pieces of gym equipment and exercises you should definitely avoid.

Some gym equipment that you may think is really safe for you may actually be doing more harm than good. For example the Seated Leg Extension – Why? Because it actually strengthens a motion that your legs are not actually supposed to do, and can actually put undo strain on the tendons and ligaments surrounding the knee.

You should also avoid the Seated Military Press which is actually supposed to train the shoulders and triceps actually puts undo stress on the shoulder joint by placing them in a vulnerable bio-mechanical position, further the movement does not allow you to use your hips to assist your shoulders which is actually the natural way to press something over your head.

Stay tuned for more equipment and exercises to avoid as well as some creative suggestions for alternative safer exercises – remember always end everything you do on a positive note.