I wrote about a 62 year old Prime Male earlier who had been  participating in the hard core work out that left him crawling afterwards – well now Mr. Prime Male is actually limping and really injured. As it turns out he has now severely injured a knee and needs to deal with at the very least Physical Therapy and on the other side possibly even surgery.

Rome was not built in a day, and guys your body did not lose its flexibility, strength, stamina and shape in a day. Plan you workouts accordingly. If you have been consistently exercising through the years and maintaining your flexibility and function all the more power to you. Prime Males I’m not saying that you need to sit in your room and lay low from all physical activity, however what I am saying one more time is Be Smart.

That being said the next blog will feature some common gym equipment that you may want to avoid for safety reasons – such as the Pec Deck machine for example – yes I know we all like to have masculine built chests but there are better ways to get there than this antiquated piece of equipment.