A common saying of Joseph Pilates in his quest to talk about the importance of daily exercise. Think of what our civilized lives have done to us as humans.  We are sometimes sequestered to an existence that is so compartmentalized and scheduled that we forget to ‘play’. As we mature we should always challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and do something new, whether that is taking up a new sport or physical activity, reading a book on philosophy or expanding our knowledge of the arts.

The Prime Male should take the time to live and enjoy his life and those involved in it. Taking care of yourself is your first step in achieving a healthy balanced life. We have talked a little about barefoot training, flexibility, Pilates, working out smart and opening our minds.  As The Prime Male continues we’ll start to get down to more specific and usable information, tips, exercises, recipes and advice on leading your best life.  Salute!