Hey guys as we mature in our lives we sometimes get stuck in the rut of complacent repetition. For many of us this sometimes happens all too easily. That’s why as we grow into our prime we should take the time to always challenge our selves to grow, change, step out of our comfort zones and become the best that we truly can be – not for others but for ourselves.

Life is too short to only give it your 1/2 ass best try. Enjoy and live every moment to its fullest potential. By the way when that doesn’t happen don’t forget indulging in some good food and drink never hurts either.

Our ‘prime’ allows us to have the permission to become the men we were born to be. Don’t buy in to what you were told by your parents – yeah they love you but sometimes they were not always right. It’s up to you to determine what is right for you! Salute